Welcome to Camelot

Many of you may be wondering why you are here. It’s almost as if you woke up from a bad dream and cannot recognize the environment that you are in. And that’s okay. What? Where? When? Why? How? The only relevant question is “Who?”

I am Lou Brolic!



That’s right. We’re back and better than ever. Once again, all will be well in the land of Camelot. Finding the motivation and wherewithal to relaunch our critically acclaimed website did not come easy. We were widely panned by our critics for not being active and posting content. Unfortunately, our resurgence did come with great cost. All of our previously published content is lost. The world weeps…

The crux of our website is that we wish to bring you laughs by bringing together two of the world’s greatest thinkers and hilarity will ensue. I hope you enjoy our newly revamped site and we will welcome your comments to any of our posts. We will moderate every posted comment at this time because our previous site was apparently hacked by the Wu-Tang Clan and I cannot afford another site rebuild. My partner/best friend Mike (better known as Daniel Juris) and I will gladly join in on any of our posts and discussions that our audience has. Please do not post anything overly offensive. You can curse us if you wish, but if you are a troll or worse… a hacker, please don’t waste your time because if the site gets hacked again I can’t afford to bring it back up!!! 

Thank you and we appreciate your visit,

Lou Brolic


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