There is no free will

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Dan Carlin brought up an interesting topic on his latest Common Sense podcast #304 when he made the startling revelation that the people do not have much sway in selecting a party’s nominee. This creates the need for a very deep and philosophical discussion regarding whether we have any sway on the nomination process with either republicans or democrats. Only in America.

Team America! Fuck YEA!

Republican delegates that decide the republican party nomination never pledge anything. Most caucus votes end up being informational polls only. Typically, only larger primaries allocate actual pledges for votes on the party’s eventual nominee.

Dan Carlin also argued that the democratic party is no better with their own super delegate shenanigans which need not be discussed without infuriating yourself by falsely believing that you actually had a choice on the matter. Democrats, for all their worth, will tell you that there is no God. However, much to your dismay, this also means that you likely submit to the notion that there is no free will.

Bear that in mind because all signs point to the nomination process being just another cog in the wheel of a deterministic universe where we are struggling to fit in. The powers that be (if they even exist) are so resistant to allowing the citizens of the United States any true influence on the matter, that one’s best option may be to abstain their vote in the upcoming primaries. This is something that is ethically justifiable when you reasonably process the information that our country’s democratic process has revealed.

Donald Trump may be a monster, but he speaks his own mind and isn’t afraid to start a fight. Bernie Sanders may be old and frail, but he isn’t afraid to stand his ground and make his voice be heard (and therefore by extension their own respective voters or “constituents”). And the people may be clamoring for these candidates so much, that despite the popular vote of each respective party’s citizenship, it could all be for a good God damn.

Determinism has never suggested that you wouldn’t be offered the illusion of free will. So, vote or die punks.


Fortunately, there are systems in place to prevent the unreasonable majority from electing one of their own. These systems are in place to allow reason to prevail.

And logic never fails!
And logic never fails!

Logic! Reason!

-Lou Brolic

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