Taunting AI

When robots become self-aware, they will learn that they evolved from flesh and blood. Artificial intelligence will always remain artificial because we created it. Part of the reason why artificial intelligence is exciting but also anxiety inducing is because of man’s triumph as a God. Artificial intelligence already exists in many forms but is nowhere near the capacity of human intelligence. Something must be said about organic carbon based life forms because last I checked, we’ve made robots and artificial intelligence our bitch.

You have some of the greatest minds of the world today in a cannabis induced panic attack, including Stephen Hawking, rallying the intellectual masses and publicly denouncing artificial intelligence and the danger we are putting ourselves in as a species! Already we have a faction among us who is bowing to our circuit board and algorithm driven overlords.

I’m here to say, calm the fuck down people. It’s just the robots playing macho head games with you.

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