Lou Brolic reads you the news

There were a few events that transpired so far this weekend that will merit discussion for the next few weeks, months, and even the years to come. First off yours truly, Lou Brolic, accomplished two truly monumental tasks. The most important accomplishment was that I walked into the gym and pulled 405 US pounds off the floor after nearly three months of rest and rehabilitation. If you’re not a bro, please feel free to skip or zone out these next few sentences.

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The biography and philosophy of Lou Brolic

Why use a pseudonym? Because it sounds way cooler than my given government name, Luis Rivera, motherfuckers. There’s nothing to hide though. And my actual self is way more bad ass than my alter ego of Lou Brolic. Continue reading “The biography and philosophy of Lou Brolic”

Sports, Steroids, and Liberty ( the Love Triangle)

Ah organized sports…The thrill of competition, the adulation of spectators, the perseverance and drive of the athletes on each side of the contest to win! What is more inspiring? What is more satisfying? There is sporting event to measure the peaks of just about any physical human feat. Want to know how fast a man can run? There track and field. Want to see the limits of human physical strength? We have various weightlifting and strongman competitions. Want to know which physical maneuvers are best in combat? Check our variety of combat sports from boxing, to wrestling, to Mixed Martial arts. All these sporting events have rules and referees/judges to enforce the parameters of the given competition. So Usain Bolt perform a leg sweep on his competitors in the middle of a 100 meter dash would be awesome but also an illegal action and he would be appropriately disqualified from the competition. Rules of the game should be followed, hypothetical Mr. Bolt, or else it would be chaos out there and every sporting event would de-evolve into a riot. But this is an example of following the rules of the event. Where the payers meet face to face and agree to be as fair as the rules and referee require them to be. But can a player gain an unfair advantage even before stepping into the arena?

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