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Fellow bros, prepare yourselves for the epic intro of an insane manifesto…

Society is not the evolution of a master race, but rather the master ideology which will then lead to the evolution of the master race. This is because within every modern society, there is a political or empirical hierarchy. Within society’s master plan to engrain within every one of us a superior ideology, society requires tools to further enable our evolution. For example, society has often used religion as a tool to embed its respective society’s social, legal, moral, and ethical values (among others). But religion may not be society’s most sinister method of coercion…

Since this is a site made by bros, for bros, we are going to take this shit to another fucking level. Dan Juris style. That asshole must always one up me. Our tribal society’s goal is to dominate and impose one’s ideology (which may include a specific gene pool!) and we are in the new age of modern propaganda with social media becoming the new mainstream and fake news influencing our 2016 US Presidential Election. Propaganda is back!

This article is being provided to you by weinventedsarcasm.com and yours truly, Lou Brolic. Thank you for tuning in to… Lou Brolic reads you the news.

This is a special message that I hope reaches people to gain a true sense of enlightenment about the world we live in.

For those whose naivete still doesn’t understand the importance of politics in society, take heed to our most recent example of our German friends with regards to authoritarianism hell bent on world domination. It is historically an old recipe for success (or failure) to gain power over vast parts of the world by forcing those you conquer to submit to your will. This was Hitler’s case in which he leveraged a racist national ideology politically. Racism has been a part of our world history for a long time and politics are a friendly way of telling a group of people that you hate them.

This is the case with President-Elect Trump, who has spoken to the lizard brain of our society and is now using history against us.

Propaganda is making a comeback in American society, thanks to President-Elect Donald J. Trump. This is even though he lost the popular vote but beat the system by using the system against itself and winning the electoral college vote. President-elect Trump’s victory stunned mainstream network and print media.

He is going to be the leader of the free world and he hates the media, but the media unleashes his carefully crafted propaganda which is his most powerful weapon (and perhaps with a little underhanded help). The damning thing about Trump is that if he had his way, he would suppress our freedom of speech, specifically the freedom of the press. He has threatened to sue major publications (The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, etc.) for publishing negative press about him.

This being said…

Macho propaganda is making a comeback and the common consumer of any state run media, which is what Trump is now via his Twitter feed, shouldn’t be so blissfully unaware of the role of propaganda in politics.

                                                                                   USA! USA! USA!

So where does this leave us with regards to propaganda in our modern western society? It’s all over the place. Fake news has always been a major tool used by those who wish to convey a false or biased message and position on a political subject or issue. This is otherwise known as propaganda. The use of propaganda has been so overt but mainstream media (specifically social media) doesn’t refer to it as that and the fake news phenomenon is now a staunch reminder of how fragile a free society is, now that it is purported that Russia has influenced this year’s US Presidential Election. Worse yet, Trump himself and even members of his proposed cabinet have used fake news (propaganda!) for their benefit to influence the election.

The legions and legions of Trump fans and supporters who are just now recognizing that their motivations for voting for the President-Elect, may have been motivated by Russian propaganda has caused utter silence amongst even his most ardent of supporters. This is not to say that all of President-Elect Trump’s supporters were influenced in a false way but what is being thrown about the mainstream media of Trump supporters is the default and benign conclusion, that Trump was going to win anyway!

This may be true that Trump was going to win regardless. However, so long as Russian influence played a heavy hand in his support, Russian influence essentially stacked the odds against his opponent, Hillary Clinton. This was arguably our most critical national election in recent memory. Our national naivete was preyed upon by his campaign (with Russian assistance) and it is obvious that Trump’s campaign promised much in the way of vitriolic rhetoric but very little in the form of substantive policy. Trump’s campaign in its entirety was built on nothing more than good old fashioned propaganda.

Even as of today, Trump has denounced the findings of our intelligence community and has criticized the CIA for falsely purporting that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and was our primary reason for declaring war on Iraq. He has provided no other evidence to support his position. This is a flawed argument and one that Nancy Pelosi attempted to debunk with her own tweet:

It is important to note, that propaganda is always biased. Nancy Pelosi was not 100% correct of her assertion that the then White House administration had misrepresented the information. During the time the Bush administration was lobbying Congress and our public for support, the administration was promoting their agenda to support the war on Iraq based on faulty intelligence findings which they had conveyed to support their position.

I will quote an excellent article of investigative journalism for your reference, which concluded that neither Pelosi or Trump are correct but that:

“The intelligence was used for political purposes, to build public support for a war that might have been launched no matter what intelligence analysts had said about the prospect of finding WMDs in Iraq.”

If you need more information on this, please reference our good friends over at The Washington Post and Glenn Kessler to begin your personal research, you dumb fucks!

To our legions and legions of weinventedsarcasm.com friends and family, I implore you to seek the TRUTH! Steroids aren’t evil! Russia is! Trump is not evil, but willfully ignorant! Unless he is the Manchurian candidate that Sam Harris at times purports! Willful ignorance should be a crime!

All the statements of the preceding paragraph are hyperbolic propaganda. We must be vigilant and on the lookout for false and misleading information because it even works on our nation’s leaders. It is at this careful time in our national history that we should be smarter. Not dumber. Think heavy my fellow bros. It’s like lifting for your brain.

Oh, and in other news, Ronda Rousey got her brains smashed around by Amanda Nunes and Dominick Cruz was arguably dominated by Cody Garbrandt at UFC 207.

Thank you for tuning to this week’s edition of Lou Brolic reads you the news.

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