Homeless Angel or Big Mac Poisoning?

Years ago, I was approached by a homeless man on my way to Mickey D’s. He was a dirty but kind looking old man. he might of around 50 years old. he asked me if I cold spare some change. He looked like a guy who had been through hell and back but still manage to keep a good nature. How inspiring! My Catholic roots started to whisper commands in my mind:
“Help the needy”
“He may be an angel in disguise to test you of your kindness”
“Hell he may even grant you a wish!”

I scrounged around in my wallet and gave this guy fresh dollar bill. He smiled and said thank you and wished me a good day. A warm feeling of community washed over me as I walked in to purchase my delicious big Mac from a fine American establishment. But this feeling was short-lived. On my drive back my thoughts turned to my examined my interaction with this folksy tramp. I thought he was angel? I thought I would be rewarded for my good deed? Man, I know that these thoughts are non sense but they still rose like burning ashes from the deep fire that is the subconscious. I laughed at myself, while chewing on my delicious Big Mac. Never take yourself too seriously.

But then a storm cloud of an idea invaded me. If I thought this guy could be angel then why not demon? If one supernatural being can exist, then why not its polar opposite? According to my Christian catholic background miracles can happen then surely so can curse and hexes. If this guy can be an angel then he could be snarling servant of Lucifer who just needed a dollar to go catch the bus to go:

1. perform an abortion
2. marry a gay couple
3. Whisper more orders into the ears of that Kenyan high priest we call our president

Damn! I’m losing it! The Cholesterol and Saturated fats frm this big Mac has got me trippin’. For a split second I was thinking like that maniac Glenn Beck. And So what if he is a demon. According to me, demons are just trying to promote a progressive agenda. Of which I kinda agree with. And you know what demons are people to and they fall on hard times. After all shouldn’t all of god’s creatures look out for one another…I’m looking at you Mr. Mosquito you treacherous bastard.
Or may be he’s no angel, no demon, just a nice guy that fell on hard times and is just trying to make it to the next day. Either way I’m glad I helped him. These were the thoughts that crossed me before the suicide sandwich I just ate caused me to have a full on case of the itis’ and I fell unconscious for the rest of the day. It’s been months sense my fateful meeting with the mysterious hobo. I haven’t seen him since. I like to think that he got his life together. maybe he’s got a job a house and girlfriend now and remembering fondly the adventures and lessons he had being homeless. I’m still digesting that Big Mac.

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