Bird Box: A Critical Review by Lou Brolic

Keith Jardine finally made it. After years of getting punched and kicked in the head and body, he is officially a Hollywood veteran. I haven’t even realized how awesome this guy is because he was in two of the greatest works of entertainment history, Breaking Bad and John Wick. And we all know, that John Wick was one of Keanu Reeve’s greatest performances ever. That guy is amazing.

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Lou Brolic is powered by artificial intelligence (AI)

There have been recent developments in the world where artificial intelligence has played the prominent role in the death of a human being. Shots fired (CONTACT! CONTACT! CONTACT!!!). Continue reading “Lou Brolic is powered by artificial intelligence (AI)”

A Study on The Merits of Marriage or … in other words “Fuck Matrimony!”


The glowing bride and the handsome groom are both symbols of happiness and prosperity. A wedding is one of the most magical and revered ceremonies of a person’s life. Today it is touted as an institution of love subsidized by tax breaks by the government and some would say sanctioned by the Creator himself. Let’s take a closer look at this wonderful union to determine if this is truly Blessing from on high or a curse from below.

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Lou Brolic reads you the news

There were a few events that transpired so far this weekend that will merit discussion for the next few weeks, months, and even the years to come. First off yours truly, Lou Brolic, accomplished two truly monumental tasks. The most important accomplishment was that I walked into the gym and pulled 405 US pounds off the floor after nearly three months of rest and rehabilitation. If you’re not a bro, please feel free to skip or zone out these next few sentences.

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