American Sniper: Critical Review

If there is one thing that we must all succumb to in this world, it has to be pop culture. This past weekend, I became a victim of the media created pop culture in America. The media pressured me to go see American Sniper because it was going to be the patriotic thing to do amidst the evolution of the war on terrorism. With the recent Charlie Hebdo massacres and ISIS continuing their invasion of Iraq and Syria, the timing of the release of the film couldn’t have come at a better time. We Americans demand copious amounts of propaganda to remind ourselves how we are the greatest nation in the world and American Sniper fit the bill.

As a veteran of the Iraq war, I admire the film for its realistic depiction. However as a veteran of the Iraq war, I did not agree with the film’s stance regarding PTSD and its depiction that war veterans are incapable of adjusting to civilian life.

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John Wick: He Killed Everybody

He killed everybody. An action film genre that is often overlooked but easily defined. He killed everybody can be defined as an action film where we sympathize with the perceived wrong done to the protagonist. The protagonist then proceeds to bathe in the blood of the corpses of anyone who was even remotely associated with the antagonist. Unfortunately, my definition of the genre should not be held as the industry standard despite my lengthy formal education as a master of business administration.

Instant credibility
Instant credibility

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