We Invented Macho Head Games

What are macho head games? Macho head games generally ensue when friends or rivals try to establish themselves as the alpha male, either to their peers or to the world at large. Winning macho head games is all about establishing dominance through passive-aggressive means. That’s right, bitches. Macho head games essentially is all about who is the most aggressive passive-aggressive. Macho head games generally provide heartbreak, potential injury, and entertainment fodder if actually pursued to completion (reference USA Wrestling’s Veterans division). The beauty about macho head games is the subtlety employed by these gorillas.

Macho head games is going to be an exploration into masculinity, dominance, and social conquest. Macho head games have begun ever since the evolution of space, time, and biological life itself. As long as their has been conscious beings, predator and prey, there has been social and evolutionary order. We are all here to find out where we fit within our social hierarchy and macho head games is a test to find out and rise up above that station.
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